Dear Oblates--This is the link given us by Fr. Ambrose for the new Kristo Buase Monastery Website----30th June 2014

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,Greetings from Kristo Buase!We have just launched a new website: www.kristobuasemonastery.orgIt takes time for these things to be picked up by Google and other search engines so I would be grateful if you could help us publicise the site by encouraging friends and oblates to visit it and perhaps even adding a link to your own website. We get one point for every individual who visits, and five points for every Facebook “Like”. In all we need 700 points to get the site up in the listings of the search engines.We will be using the website as a platform for a fund-raising appeal for our Silver Jubilee of foundation. Our aim is to build a church and guesthouse – these were part of the original sketch plans drawn up in 1987 but never implemented because of a tight budget. We are still worshipping in a chapel which seats only 15 people and need to recover the existing guest rooms for an expanding novitiate.All good wishes,Fraternally,Fr Ambrose Flavell, OSBSuperior,Kristo Buase Monastery,P.O. Box TM-291,TECHIMAN, B/AGhanaWest