We came to the monastery to pray: we’re not in a hurry; we have nothing better to do. What we do at Pluscarden remains almost exactly what St. Benedict prescribes in his Rule, written in the 6th century.
— Dom Benedict Hardy OSB, Prior of Pluscarden

The daily Mass and offices are at the core of life at Pluscarden Abbey. 
Find out how and why in Fr Benedict's presentation “Praying with the Church - The Divine Office”.

We pray in Latin, using Gregorian Chant. Why do we use Latin?
The 8am Sunday Mass is in English. All other offices including the daily Mass are in Latin, with Mass readings and Gospel in English. Latin translations are available at the abbey.

See Office times below.

  • On weekdays, Mass is at 9:00am.
  • On Sundays, Mass is at 8:00am in English, and 10:00am in Latin.
  • For information about specific dates, such as solemnities and special events, see our calendar.