Young People at Pluscarden

The Pluscarden community is always happy to welcome young people who come to stay at the monastery. Recent groups have included Catholic students from the Universities of Glasgow and of St. Andrew's in Fife. As has now become traditional, both these groups came accompanied by their own Chaplains. It is always most encouraging to see fine young people who come here to pray, seeking also to strengthen and deepen their faith in the setting and atmosphere of the monastery. They deserve all the support in this we are able to offer them.

Young people also joined us as usual this year for our celebration of the Sacred Triduum and Easter. Our picture shows seven youthful readers, each of whom took one of the seven Old Testaments readings at our Paschal Vigil. This year that great liturgy ended somewhat after 2.00 a.m.; but surely no one present resented the long time spent amid such awe-inspiring ceremonies. Our other great liturgies of the Triduum were similarly enhanced by youthful guests acting as servers in various capacities; all carried out with competence, dignity and reverence.