New information boards for visitors

Visitors to the monastery very frequently remark upon the peace and tranquillity of Pluscarden, and the beauty of its surroundings, and how natural and easy it is to sense God's presence and holiness here. They express wonder and delight at discovering ancient ruins that have been restored, slowly and patiently by present day monks, back to their original purpose.

But Visitors also sometimes remark on how little there is provided, apart from the substantial Guide Book, to explain to them what they see, or to tell those who don't know, what Pluscarden stands for.

So a friend of the community has recently designed and made three display panels, which have now gone up on sign boards for the sake of our many day Visitors. 

We hope these boards will provide accessible and useful information, while also helping people understand how this is a living monastery, and a house of God, and a place of prayer.