Award for Pluscarden documentary

Cinematographer Andrew Muggleton with an RTS award for “Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery”

Cinematographer Andrew Muggleton with an RTS award for “Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery”

Many people commented positively on the BBC Four "slow TV" Documentary programme on Pluscarden, ("Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery") which was shown last October. The artistic conception of the film was excellent, and the quality of filming and sound production quite outstanding.

This verdict has been supported now by the Royal Television Society, which has recently granted two awards to the production team "Tigerlily productions". The awards are for the quality of the film and the sound. "Blue Planet 2" was recommended for the same award, but eventually the verdict was given in favour of our programme, even in preference to that!

Watch clips of Gregorian chant, beekeeping, a service and the bells on the BBC iPlayer at

You can also find the Pluscarden episode unofficially on YouTube.

From RTS:

Photography - Documentary/Factual & Non Drama

Andrew Muggleton
Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery
Tigerlily Productions / BBC Four

Here the jury were faced with the impossible task of comparing exquisite and unparalleled efforts to showcase nature, with impossibly charming and characterful human connection, with a series which seemed to transcend the form as it created a uniquely experiential narrative - one to which its sensitive and evocative photography was both formative and indispensable.


Camera Team
Blue Planet II
BBC Studios / Natural History Unit / The Open University / BBC America / Tencent / WDR / France Televisions and CCTV9 for BBC One

Glen Milner
Handmade in Hull
BBC Studios / Pacific Quay Productions for BBC Four

Sound - Entertainment & Non Drama

Doug Dreger, Greg Gettens & Kim Tae Hak 
Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery 
Tigerlily Productions for BBC Four

This programme, so simple in concept, keeps our attention in large part because of the fantastic sound, so comprehensively captured and creatively mixed. 


Andy Hodges, Sam Staples & Renato Ferrari 
Top Gear (Series 25) 
Envy Post Production / BBC Studios for BBC Two

The Sound Alliance 
BBC Proms 2018 
BBC Studios for BBC Two and Four