News on the A 96 dual carriageway

There has been some progress in the planning of the new A 96 dual carriageway between Aberdeen and Inverness. 

Transport Scotland made an announcement on 4 December 2018 about its preferred option for the route of this major new road in the vicinity of Pluscarden. Of course this is of great interest for all those who live in or visit our Abbey, as well as for all our neighbours! Nothing is yet final: space is still being given for local discussion and input. The suggested route is nevertheless most likely to be adopted. 

The new road would pass, not indeed through the Pluscarden valley, but still to the South of Elgin. The road would cross the Black Burn, and the road linking Pluscarden and Elgin, between Miltonduff and Pittendreich. It would then follow the line of the existing railway, North of Heldon Hill, passing through Lochinver and Alves.

All this is well away from the Abbey, though if the wind were to come from the North, most likely the sound of the traffic would reach us.

Details are given on the official website: