BBC Four film about Pluscarden

Permission was given to a film crew to spend much of the first week of July this year in and around the monastery.

Their proposal was to make an hour-long documentary about Pluscarden, due to be shown on BBC Four some time in October. The programme will be part of a series of three, probably to be called simply "The Monastery". The other communities to be featured are Downside and Belmont. 

The genre of this Documentary is "Slow TV" . Rather on the model of "Into Great Silence" about La Grande Chartreuse, the idea is to invite viewers into a world where prayer, meditation, contemplation, worship hold a central place. So there is to be no glamorous presenter, no interview, no dialogue and no commentary; but instead a series of high quality film sequences touching on the various aspects of our monastic life.

Throughout their time with us, the members of the filming team approached the monastery and the community with great sensitivity and respect. Brethren involved were all impressed by their professionalism and unflappable patience. Probably for every minute that will be shown, at least an hour was spent filming, or setting up to film. 

It's rather unfortunate that during the period several brethren had to be away from the monastery. So the community will be seen with diminished numbers. Nevertheless, we hope that something of the essence of Pluscarden will be conveyed here, in its work and in its prayer.
Allowing such an invasion of the Enclosure is always something of a risk, not to be undertaken lightly. So we ask God's blessing on the whole project: that it will somehow help promote monastic life in our modern world, contribute to evangelisation, and give great glory to God.