Br. Adrian RIP

Updated 16th November.

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Dom Adrian (Norman) Walker, monk of Pluscarden Abbey.

He was born 27 February 1926; professed as a monk 31 May 1953; died in Dr. Gray's hospital, Elgin, 31 October 2017.

His funeral was at the Abbey on Thursday 9 November.
Read the homily given by Bishop Hugh OSB.


Dom Adrian Walker, 1926 - 2017



Please pray for the repose of the soul of Br. Adrian (Michael) Walker, monk of our community, who died in Dr. Gray’s Hospital, Elgin on Tuesday 31st October, 2017, fortified with the Sacraments. He was in the 92nd year of his age and the 64th year of his monastic profession. He worked in the garden here at Pluscarden for nearly 50 years, driving the tractor and performing prodigious feats of hard labour, before his increasing bodily infirmity kept him indoors. He was also an accomplished organist, with a natural talent for accompanying Gregorian chant in a sensitive and unobtrusive manner.

Br. Adrian was the last of the monks of Prinknash who came to Pluscarden before the Priory obtained its independence in 1966. He entered Prinknash Abbey in 1951, after having briefly tried his religious vocation in two other Benedictine communities. He used to joke that he was told: “Try Prinknash. They will take anybody!” He remained forever grateful that they did.

Michael Walker was born on 27th February 1926 to Lois Fisher, an attractive and vivacious aspiring actress. Lois originally brought up Michael as a Christian Scientist; but when she discovered the Catholic faith in her 40s she encouraged Michael to do the same. After instruction, he was received into the Church while serving in the Royal Engineers in World War II. After the war, he took part in the Ground Nuts scheme in East Africa, where he encountered the missionary Benedictines of St. Ottilien. He asked to join them and was sent to their novitiate house in the USA but was soon redirected to a different monastic path, which led to Prinknash and ultimately to Pluscarden.

Always rather singular in his habits, tenacious of his opinions and apparently oblivious of his effect on those around him, he could be exasperating to an incendiary degree; but it was impossible to harbour ill feelings towards him, as his childlike manner was entirely without malice. His voice was remarkable, quite unforgettable to those who sang beside him; and it was because of this that he was warmly encouraged to develop his skills on the organ, which were a real boon to the community.

He was very much an outdoor man and had a great love of animals, especially dogs and horses, and he became an accomplished rider as a teenager. The seaside was also one of his abiding loves, especially swimming and sailing; and it is testimony to the reality of his vocation that he was prepared largely to renounce all these for the daily round of the monastic life.

His final days in hospital were not without suffering; but it was clear to all who saw him that the sacraments gave him much comfort and ultimately led him safely home to the Lord.

Father Abbot and Community
Pluscarden Abbey
IV30 8UA



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