Slow radio on BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 3: Slow Radio - Meditations from a Monastery: Meditation

This week the BBC Radio 3 Slow Radio series Meditations from a Monastery features recordings from Pluscarden Abbey, alongside other monastic communities.

It accompanies the BBC Four television series Retreat: Meditations from a Monastery, which visits the monasteries in search of inner peace, presenting an alternative to the hectic pace of modern daily life.

Monks meditate on the subject of silence, against a background of chant and sounds evocative of the peace and serenity of the monastery. The programmes allow the listener to appreciate life at a monk’s pace, reflecting the gentleness and calm of monastic life. Listeners will hear musings from the monks themselves, interspersed with their singing and sounds from the natural world.
— BBC Radio 3

Listen back on iPlayer or download the podcast.

You can hear more recordings of music from Pluscarden through our music page.