Lauds of the Transfiguration and Sunday Compline

CD Lauds cover.jpg
CD Lauds cover.jpg

Lauds of the Transfiguration and Sunday Compline


17 tracks, 52mins, 1997.

First recorded and broadcast by BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4. Includes 12-page booklet with notes about the music, full text and translation.

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Lauds of the Transfiguration
1    Introductory verses and Psalm 66
2    Antiphon "Assumpsit Jesus" and Psalm 92
3    Antiphon "Resplenduit" and Psalm 99
4    Antiphon "Et ecce apparuerunt" and Psalm 62
5    Antiphon "Respondens autem Petrus" and Canticle of Daniel
6    Antiphona "Adhuc eo loquente" and Psalms 148-150
7    Capitulum (Philippians 3:20) and Short Response
8    Hymn "Dulcis Jesu Memoria"
9    Versicle, Antiphon and Benedictus
10    Kyrie, Pater noster, Collect and concluding verses
Sunday Compline
11    Introductory verses and Confiteor
12    Psalms 4, 90 and 133
13    Hymn "Te lucis Ante Terminum"
14    Capitulum (Apoc 22:4-5) and Short Response
15    Antiphon "Salva nos" and Nunc dimittis
16    Concluding verses and collect
17    Salve Regina (simple tone)