The Liturgy Of Easter

The Liturgy Of Easter (2016 release)
The Liturgy Of Easter (2016 release)

The Liturgy Of Easter


25 tracks, 63mins, originally 2012, digitally remastered and released by Ffin Records in 2016.

Includes 32-page booklet with full text and translation, and commentary on every piece.

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"The CD is magnificent and very moving." - Richard Holloway, Former Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, Chairman of Scottish Arts Council. 

"A superb production that deserves to be at the top of the market: singing that is always musical, flowing and graceful, and never clinical or cold. The accompanying notes, a mammoth enterprise, are excellent."
Dame Margaret Truran OSB, Director, International School of Liturgical Spirituality and Gregorian Chant, Monastery of Santa Cecilia, Rome.

"The monks' singing shows a high level of musical as well as spiritual sensitivity. The almost perfect ensemble of the Choir is impressive, even in those pieces involving the whole community. The monks' joy and spiritual fervour are almost palpable." - Sr. Bernadette Byrne OSB, Choir Mistress, St. Cecilia's Abbey, Ryde, in the Ryde Chronicle Christmas 2010.

"This is beautiful and intelligent singing... expressive and moving (in both senses of the word), never too slow. It has the ring of truth. Buy this disc and listen to it. Holy Week will be there for you." - Christopher Francis, review in the bulletin of the Association for Latin Liturgy.

"The CD is accompanied by a wonderfully informative booklet, in marked contrast to many a heavily marketed chant recording. The Pluscarden monks incorporate into their interpretation the work of recent chant scholarship, though this is done naturally and not as a self-conscious academic exercise. Their singing generally exhibits that light energy and springiness that are essential for good chant performance, giving the line a sense of momentum. The abiding impression of the CD is of a community at prayer; it is as if the listener is invited to join the monks and re-connect with the ancient chant of the Church, as it intensifies the message of those powerful texts that concern us at the most solemn moments in the liturgical year." - Richard Jones, review in Music and Worship, the magazine of the Society of St. Gregory.