We are fundraising for a major construction project, the new South Range building. 

  • accommodation for women on retreat

  • a new refectory and kitchen for all the resident guests and for public lectures and presentations

  • a new monastic library of over 40,000 books available to the general public

  • workshops and a service area.

For more about the South Range project, including plans for the building, fundraising information and news and the Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage which takes place in Summer 2017, please visit the South Range project website

Celebration of Mass at Pluscarden Abbey

Having Mass celebrated

One traditional and praiseworthy way of supporting Priests is to make a donation for the celebration of a Mass. The Mass is then offered for the particular person or intention requested by the donor.

Referring to the evangelising work of the Apostles, Jesus said: The worker deserves his hire (Matthew 10:10, Luke 10:7).
St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians: You know, surely, that those who preside at the Altar share the Altar's offerings. And so it is that the Lord has bidden the heralds of the Gospel live by preaching the Gospel (I Cor 9:13-14).

In his Confessions, St. Augustine speaks of the dying wish of his mother St. Monica (+ 387): The one thing I beg of you is that you will remember me at the Altar of the Lord, wherever you are.

The Canon Law of the Catholic Church regulates the practice of accepting stipends for Mass, to ensure that abuses do not occur (cf. can. 945-958).


Every Mass has in principle infinite scope and power, since it makes sacramentally present the action of Christ the High Priest, interceding for us.

Also, the Eucharistic Prayer of every Mass includes mention of those who are specially prayed for: the Pope and local Bishop; those present; the faithful departed etc. The Prayer of the Faithful may propose other names or situations or causes for the intercession of all. 
But in addition to this, as an act of devotion, the ordained Priest, standing in the place of Christ, may offer the Eucharistic sacrifice with a particular intention in mind. This is what is meant when it is said "a Mass will be offered for you". 

According to custom, each day before Mass the Priest signs a register or book, which assigns and records such specified intentions.
At Pluscarden, the vow of poverty means that the individual Priest would never personally receive any money offered for a Mass.

In practice

Normally a minimum donation of £10 is offered for each Mass requested.

Please use the web form above to request a particular Mass intention.

A card, signed by the Priest celebrating the Mass, may be sent, if desired, to the person and address specified.

If a specific date for the Mass is requested, we will try to fit in with that. But in some circumstances the Mass may have to be celebrated on a date close to the one requested.

If more Masses are asked for than we are able to fit in, the surplus intentions, with their attached stipends, are sent to Priests in the Third World. Sometimes this is a very significant means of support for such Priests.